Name: Adrian  (Poland)

InternShip: 2016.Feb-2016.Aug

Employee: 2017.Mar-



1.Why did you choose WIZE NET for an internship?
There were few things which were very important for me. The office is in Tokyo and it's not a big company, so I thought it will be easier to get acquainted with employees, get more attention and improve my Japanese language. I liked the fact that WIZE NET is strongly focused on JavaScript programming and at that time, I was looking for opportunity as a JavaScript developer connected with Japanese language.
2. How did you feel before coming to Japan?
I have been to Japan before I came here as an intern, so I was a little bit familiar with the Japanese culture. When I received my VISA, I bought the ticket and started to count days until the departure. There were some fears regarding job like famous Japanese over hours and stressful working conditions. Except that I was afraid of language barrier in formal situations when I need to sign and fully understand documents like: in banks, while renting apartment or using medical care.
3. How was the internship in the beginning?
Beginning was not an easy time because everything was new to me so I needed to get used to Tokyo's lifestyle, work and get rid of jet lag. However, I was receiving a support from the company and AIESEC members especially with completing tasks like rental agreement, Ward Office registration, opening a bank account etc. After the first week of work, the company organized a welcome party and that was a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better. For the first month, I was practicing Angular by creating a simple application and after that I was assigned to bigger project.


4. You are from Poland where a lifestyle and culture is different from the Japanese one. How do you feel about living in Japan? Tell us something you experienced for the first time, something impressive, something amazing, including something that was troublesome for you.
My first experience with Japan was in 2015. During that time, I was travelling for 2 weeks, so I had an opportunity to touch a little bit of Japanese culture.
What was new for me?
Massive amount of people, food culture, price of fruits, fishing octopus and eating "exotic" food... ^^
What was amazing for me?
Spring, Hanami and the harmony you can experience during that season.
Public transport! Even though it is crowded in big cities, it's comfortable to travel almost anywhere in Japan.
Also, the Japanese people. They are very kind, helpful and curious about other cultures. The more I speak Japanese language the more I can understand Japanese culture and establish better relationship with Japanese people.
Any fears?
Earth quakes, very hot and humid summer, allergy to pollen.
5. What were you responsible for in your internship?
I was responsible for developing a currency exchange system with Angular, Node.js, D3.js. Besides that, I was doing code review of potential interns.
6. What do you think about company's culture?
-Friendly environment and people are open minded.
-They are patient with my Japanese language skills even though sometimes I don’t make any sense they are not getting angry on me :).
-During the job, everybody is concentrated, we work together for better good. From time to time we go to Izakaya to relax and have an informal chat.
-Without doubt the dress code! There is no dress code, you can wear in the way you like. I can't imagine wearing suit and coding.
-Common goal is to make company more international.
7. Word for students
If you are ambitious, interested in Japanese culture and you are not afraid of challenges, brace yourself and apply!



1. Why have you decided to work in Japan, WIZE NET?
It took time to make on decision about moving to Japan. During my internship, I have established a strong bond between the people in company and working conditions are satisfying. Improving as a software engineer, living in Tokyo, being able to communicate with Japanese and getting better every day gives me a great dose of fulfillment. Besides, there are still a lot of places in Japan which I plan to visit.
2. Has something changed between being intern and full time employee?
In general, I am more engaged in company affairs like daily morning meeting and I feel that I am treated in the same way in case of responsibilities as other employees. I have got a Business Card which is cool item so I can exchange with others!
3. What are your responsible for?
Currently, I am working on chart generator for Nikkei with Angular, Node.js, D3.js. I also support development of other system and do Code Review of potential interns.
4. Tell us about your Career Vision?
Hmmm... I like to concentrate on just few things and mastering them, so for now I am concentrated on getting more experience as a software engineer with very strong knowledge of JavaScript and web technology. I don't know what will be next, but I can say that my future will be related to my engineering and language skills.

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